I can't get list to show results when I filter by "Date" "Date & Time"

Hi guys,

I’m creating a view, where users can see the Activities they performed each day.
I’ve made a list for each day, but have problems displaying the Activity from the database, thats from yesterday and back.

I want to allow users to registre an Activity back in time, so I cannot use the “Create Date” as the activities will show on the day they where created by the user and not the not on the date set by the user. (See example here)

When I use “Data & Time” or just “Date” instead - filtering between “Start of today” and “Current time” I get data back from today.

The Problem
But ones I set this filter to be between “1 day ago” and “Start of today”, I get no data back.

I also tried to create a number field and a text field on the Activity and save the create date as text or numbers, but filtering on that field also doesn’t give me a result back.

Please let me know if you can tell me what I’m doing wrong :slight_smile:

Hoping for a simple solution tapping in to these existing filters to avoid a solution that is heavier on the database than it has to be, as I already have a lot of actions and records :slight_smile:

Thank you :pray:

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