Problems filtering a Collection by Created Time

Hello everyone,

I’m stumped trying to filter a collection by time. Basically I want to be able show just things that were created the same day. The filter setup looks like it should work, but not only does it not work it makes the whole list not appear.

This is probably a very basic mistake on my part, but I really don’t see how I could do it differently (and why this approach doesn’t work).

Any help and explanation would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards,

Hi, @Stefan76

Try this:

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Hi, Bobby,

Does that work for you? It doesn’t for me. List still not displayed. :thinking:

Parker from Adalocado advised me to delete the text and just use Magic Text (“Try replacing the text in the list with `Timestamp {timestamp created date}”), which works, but still suggests that it is in fact a bug.

I’d have to go test it again, but i’m pretty sure it worked in my test.

Please let me know how it works and post a cloneable example for better understanding. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Stefan76 @Bobby,

Sorry for interfering - this problem appeared to be interesting for me.
I’ve cloned the app - and nothing worked as expected.

I’ve managed to make it work only after removing all the filters and setting them back (also I removed list count limit).

Best regards, Victor.

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That’s very curious, Victor. Could you elaborate what you did and suggest I do? Any theories on what’s causing the problem? Thank you for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Stefan76,

What I observed is a very bizarre behaviour. I’ve cloned the app several times - sometimes list works after some manipulations, sometimes it doesn’t work after same manipulations.

The way I made it work last time was:

  1. change the “between” values in Custom Filter: you have this

    and I changed it to this:

  2. Added some info from Current Timestamp to the list:

BOTH of these conditions are reproduce-able - if you remove the current timestamp info or change the filter back, this list stops working.

See the result here:

Interestingly, if I add a second list to the screen with the same conditions - the 2nd manipulation isn’t needed. Seems that after collection data is loaded it is displayed everywhere. But if I hide the 1st list - 2nd one stops working.

Hope this was helpful.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you, Victor. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you say cloned do you mean that you rebuilt it from scratch and could reproduce the strange and unpredictable behaviour?

Hi Stefan, I used your app - it is cloneable

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That’s what I meant. I was wondering whether you were always cloning my app or also rebuilding it yourself from scratch (and getting the same weird behavior).

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