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im currently trying to filter between list record and delete a record so im basically trying to filter any record created and 15 days pass delete the record but the problem is it is asking me to put a particular date but what i want is a sort of countdown timer so if anyone has some insight to this please feel free to help

Hello @akia
When you define a list, you can filter its content by creation or update dates, through a specific condition:

This value will automatically shift ahead day by day (so today the “2 weeks ago” has the value “June 28th”; tomorrow will have the value “June 29th”, and so on).
The same can be done for “UPDATE” and “DELETE” actions you can attach either to a specific object in the screen (i.e. a “refresh” button) or as an action to be done when entering the screen where this list is displayed.

Hope this helps

Hello, as @enricomilani has mentioned, you can add a filter that will show the records according to a specific period (For example Created date is after 2 weeks ago). This way, you can only show the records within this period.

Thank you!

thanks that is the solution

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