I can't link "one-to-many" tables

Good afternoon! I have such a scheme:

  1. I have certain “tour dates”
  2. There are “package types” under these dates. For example, on the date 12.04 - 22.04 there may be types of packages: economy, comfort, premium.
  3. Each such package has three airlines, as a result, 9 departure options
  4. Each airline has three types of accommodation on the plane

I’m stuck between the second and third step. I can’t show through the list that the selected package has three airlines. Help, please!

Hi @Sattily,

If I understood you correctly you need to show the airlines of that package. But a package has many airlines right? To show many to many properties you need a list. You can add a text component in to the packages list and make that text component as a list clicking the three dots on top of the text component. And then connect it to the airlines collection and set the filter from all airlines to current package>airlines. And rename the text component default value ( Text ) as current airline>name from magic text.

Thank you

Bro @dilon_perera, it seems I could not convey the task, or you did not understand my task.

I’ll try to explain it in another way. I can’t put a filter on right now.

For example, I chose a date through the dropdown menu, the search gave me, conditionally, 2 packages, I click on one of these packages, and there should open a list of airlines with those data that are only associated with this package. Could you understand me now?

The package database and the ticket database, according to my logic, should be linked by a unique id. And when displaying tickets, there should be a filter like: typeOfPackage.id = packageTickets.typePackageID

An important point, packageTickets.id there may be several

So there should be a list of Airlines that belongs to the clicked package on the next screen? I think you have a Many to Many relationship property between packages collection and the airlines collection. Then you can change the filter in the Airlines collection on that screen ( the screen that goes after clicking a package ) from All Airlines to Current Package>Airlines.

I didn’t understand you at all, bro((
Maybe I’ll give you my account, and you’ll show me how to do it?

I’m sorry if I not explained it properly!

Maybe this video can help you!

Thanks bro!

It seems to be as clear as possible. The catch here is the following, I don’t get “current page > airlines”. That’s the whole problem, I don’t understand why

Your welcome!

You have a many to many relationship right? Can you add some screenshots or a video? If you have can you check on that screen that has the airlines collection If the Current Package data is available on that screen. You can click that screen and go to the Available Data section.

look at this bro @dilon_perera

Can you take a screenshot of your Normal 3 screen Available Data section ?


Do you see a message like this in there?



I also noticed such a thing
I created screens and databases exactly as you showed in the video
Everything worked perfectly
The problems appeared at the moment when I created a unique list (with a square, photos, texts, etc.)
At this moment, the screen with the unique list did not see the data from the previous screen

It looks like that the Type data is missing in that screen. Go to the Tours screen and delete the link action that is coming to this screen and try to change the filter again.

These videos by Patrick explains this problem well here.

Bro, I didn’t understand anything from the video
My “listening” in English is very bad, + I didn’t understand logically either, looking at the video
Can you tell me what to do specifically in my case and why such a bug appears?

  • I don’t have the “tour” table for a long time


You have a Tours screen right? The message says the Current Type is missing from Tours screen. Go to that screen and delete the link action that coming to the packages screen and try adding the filter again.

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