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I want one screen with a list of locations (e.g. New York, Vienna, Tokio) linking to a list of restaurants (e.g. restaurant 1, restaurant 2, restaurant 3) that only exist in this city. I currently have in the database a collection of “locations” and one for “restaurants”. My app users do NOT have an account. How is it possible?

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I think you have to set a filter on the 2nd list. Set the filter like this and see. Current city restaurants.

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There is no option “current city restaurants” - it is only “all restaurants”

Click that down arrow . Can you send a photo of the restaurant screen that available data?
I think in that screen the current location data didn’t linked.

Sorry, what do you mean with " photo of the restaurant screen that available data"?

The down arrow only has “All restaurants”

If you make one screen with a list of “locations” (collection) and then a screen with a list of “restaurants” (collection) - do you see “current restaurant”?

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@Phoenix did you create a relationship between Restaurants and Locations?

Create a relationship between restaurants and locations and add a link action to the location list to link to the screen that have restaurant list and then add the filter to the restaurant list current location > restaurants.

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I did not know the relationship function yet! thanks!! :slight_smile:

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