Showing a list item one at a time?

Hi folks, I’m looking for some help with making a list.

Here is the use case: I serve up vacation destinations, one at a time. Each time I serve one up, the user will indicate either he is interested or not interested by clicking on a button. Regardless of the button, the app will present the next destination on the list.

Still a beginner but it looks like the only way to display data is to make a list because I don’t get the option of picking a table from an external source otherwise. But when making a list, it’s an infinite scroll and I’m not able to display one destination at a time.

Is this something that I need to customize?


Hi @dreamjobs,

Filter in the list should help.

For example, what I would do in your case:

  • create a numeric ID field for each destination
  • manually fill it in, be sure that ID value is unique (say, 1…20 for 20 destinations)
  • create the “Current Destination” field in the users’ database, default = 1
  • filter the list of destination by Destination ID = User’s Current destination
  • increase +1 / decrease -1 User’s Current destination when clicking buttons (say, left/right)
    Don’t forget about “corner cases” (Current destination = 1 and Current destination = 20), for example, you can disable the button.
    Also, look carefully for IDs in destinations database - if they are not in order, this may result in glitches.

This logic could be made more “data-driven”, by storing prev and next destinations IDs for each record, and changing Current destination accordingly.

Hi @Victor ,

Thanks for getting backing to me so quickly. I’m not sure if this approach will work for me.

  • I created a destination_id field to make each destination unique.
  • My table (Airtable) automatically fills this value in so no need to manually do it.
  • This is where I think things will not work -> different users will have access to different destinations.

After thinking through this, I will have to add a 3rd table to make the association between users and destinations, which is fine. But my question is more around creating the UI aspect of it…

Is there a way to associate UI fields to database values without making a list? When I create a list, I can easily point it to table > field. But creating a list automatically assumes that I want this to scroll one after another when all I really want is to show one destination at a time.

Does that make sense?


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I have a similar problem. I wish Adalo had a feature to create/save queries and save the results to variables/virtual list.

@dreamjobs you might want to check out the Deck Swiper component in the marketplace.

Thanks @Ben. I thought about using the swiper but it’s the exact thing I’m trying to avoid (the “tinder for x”). I think I need to custom build it or reset my expectations.

Hi @dreamjobs,

Not sure what’s the roadblock you see here. The list is capable of displaying a single item at a time - you could just use the filter.

Here is how I did it:

So if you need to display some other info (title, description, etc etc etc), you can create all the interface elements, create a list from them, set up the fields’ valued from the “Destinations” collection, and then add a filter for this list by Destination ID.

And the logic behind the filter (how you change the current Destination ID for user) could be different.

Just my 2 cents )

Thanks i can see your way… it seems complicated for a simple action of next and previous.
Why not to have a property that creates a serial number for every record created…??? LIke the creation date…???

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Thanks @Victor. I was able to hack together something that works for now. I don’t think this solution will work as it scales bc of other complexities but for now, I have what I need.

Thank you for the help.

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