I can't see my photos in the preview after uploading them

I uploaded the different pictures in the preview, but when I try to view them; they are grayed out. I see them saved in my days base so it seems they uploaded properly, but they aren’t viewable. I read an old post in this forum and the steps to correct the issue didn’t seem to be available anymore…that or I don’t know where to look. Could someone help me please?

Hi @7KingzWhite,

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Card list right?

Can you try again like this :

Thank you

I actually got it to work. Even though the image component was already setup, I went back in and just selected Current post and selected photo again, and it worked. I had to do that to every card list that had the feature. But it’s seems to be working now. But now I can’t get the username to show on the photos. Can you help me with that please?


Unfortunately, When a list auto populate the fields there might be some issues. So you have to delete them and add them again.

See here :

Thanks! It’s working now

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I did have one more question, is there a way to setup up payment from the sign up screen? Preferably a subscription based payment system.

I think No. But after Signup you can send the user to a new screen and add the payment system there.

Okay. Do you know of any video tutorials on how to setup a payment or upgrade required screen?

Didn’t find any tutorials. But found this one that can help you Build a subscription platform - no-code tutorial (Part 18) - YouTube

And the Docs also be helpful for setting up the compponent.

Good Luck!

P.S. : Mario ( @Flawless ) I think this could be a new request that you can make a video :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much!

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