Can't see the photos i put in the preview

Hi, im an italian user of Adalo.
I created a blank screen and simply put a photo on it, but when i looked at the preview, the photo didnt appear at all.
I noticed other people had this problem and i tried to do all they recommended (again, tried, english isnt a problem, but in cases like this its really hard to understand what to do, to click and so on) but nothing, the photo doesnt want to appear on the preview.

Im going crazy please someone help me :"O

Hello, is the size of the photo more than 5MB? And is it a PNG or JPEG?

Thank you!

hello, it’s 21kB and its a jpeg!

Can you please share an image of the issue that you’re experiencing?

Thank you!

sure. as you can see i have it in two different databases, when i try to put the image in the screen from the database it doesnt appear, so i have to upload it manually from my computer gallery, that way the image appears.
but either way the image doesnt appear in the preview.

here are the photos!

Thank you for providing these images, please can you also provide a preview link?

Thank you!

how do i do that?

You can click on “preview” and copy the link.

Thank you!

Hi @gothicianieol,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

So you want which image in which collection to display in the image component? You want that the images in the photos collection to show up in the preview?

Thank you

i click on preview but there is no link to copy :frowning:

It’s the link that appears on the url section in your tab inside your browser.

Thank you!

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