I can't view AWS S3 files in native app

I have a bucket created in AWS to host the files of my Adalo app. The problem I have is that the files are not seen in the native app. I suppose it will be about the permissions of the bucket, which I have the url of the app in Adalo and in my pwa url, but I can’t find what url I should put to give access to the Android App. Does anyone know what url I should put to fix it please?

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Hello did you followed Adalo Guy’s tut?
If so, than I dealt with the same problem in native app, I just deleted all conditions (all adalo.com’s) and leaved it blank in policies. And it worked… yes now this link is absolute accessible by anyone, but for me it’s not a problem.


That was the solution. Thank you very much!


Happy to help!

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