How to display images stored on cloud on the app?

Hello guys,

How to do to store images/videos posted by users of the app to Amazon S3 ?

and to display back these images/video on the app ? ( collect url to show the media on user profile)

thank you for any help


Hi @Matt,

You can do that with the help of Integromat, for example.

The scenario should take the files/images from Adalo collection and put it to S3, and then put back the link to Adalo collection

Here is the example for Google Drive for the 1st part:
You need to (a) modify this scenario to use S3 and (b) add the action to update the record in Adalo with S3-s file URL.

I did something similar some time ago - what I remember is that setting S3 was a bit complicated. Don’t forget to set up ACLs correctly so that file is accessible from outside of the bucket.


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Why always required third party, why it’s not possible achieve direct custom actions…?

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Thank you Viktor for your help and your youtube channel.

I ll try it again with your advice.

Have a good day :v:t2:


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Hi @Reyaas,

It could be possible via custom actions, but not with S3, according to my knowledge.

One of the issues is that AWS S3 has quite complicated authentication system, see here: Authenticating Requests (AWS Signature Version 4) - Amazon Simple Storage Service
I’m not sure this could be implemented in Adalo. And Integromat does all this for you :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.