I don´t want Append, I want Collect


I have a collection that I can not append a New record, but I need to Collect it, even if it does not exist into the collection yet.

Any ideia ?


Hi Rafa,

I am not sure I know what you mean. Could you expand by giving an example of what you would like to do.



Imagine a have a collection, and there´s no records.

In the App I have a Form with a Save Button.

The First record would be:

Product Quantity
Banana 1

If the second record be another “Banana”, should SUM the Quantitiy:

Product Quantity
Banana 2

The save button is using the comand APPEND, and in this case we will have:

Product Quantity
Banana 1
Banana 1

So, let me see if I have this right.

So lets pretend it is a shopping cart, you add more than one product and you want it to add up how many of the same products you have in the cart?

That feature does not exist yet in Adalo, only adding new records. Depends on what you need to achieve, but one of my case scenarios what I did was:

With Zapier or Integromat

  • Create a collection to submit individual Items

  • Create a collection for Totals to do sums.

  • You add an Integromat webhook to the individual collection via custom action in the submit button

Then in Integromat/Zapier

  1. When data is received, you call the Totals collections via a GET request
  2. Use a router/filter to check if Banana already exists in the total collections.
  3. If Banana exists you will use a PUT request to update the quantity
  4. If Banana does not exist, you will create a new record in the Totals collection.
  5. Also in the end if you don’t need individual items, you can always send a DELETE request to the individual collection.

There are various methods that exist in Adalo to achieve this such as adding product counters which allow you to update a quantity field but unless we know what scenario you would use the function then we won’t be able to offer the best solution.

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