I have a few questions about the Uber-clone app

How do you add Admin credentials to access the dashboard (would like to be able to add more than one admin)

  1. How do you add pricing of the trips so that it can be calculated when the address is put into maps
  2. Is there simple directions or a how-to guide to the basic changes that need to be made to this app template?

Hey Nicholas,

The things you wish to modify aren’t as straightforward as they appear, because everyone has their own take on how to better implement a system function.

On page load, you could add an action to show a pop-up with a credential input form with a condition to check if the credentials match the ones in the database for an Admin user, granting access to the page if they don’t, indicating that the user isn’t an Admin.

I believe the pricing for journeys is already in place; the trip price is computed using an established cost of.25$ per km obtained from Google’s API, or do you require a different type of logic?

Thank you.

Hello, Nicholas.
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