Looking for video walk through to build Uber clone

Hi Adalo enthusiasts!

I am looking for a video tutorial (step by step walk through) for creating an Uber clone using this platform. I understand that a component is needed to be able to generate turn by turn directions or just directions in general. For my needs, I don’t need directions. It’s not relevant, at least not yet, for what I’m wanting to do. I only need to see point A and point B markers, though it would be nice if the locations of the users could be detected automatically so they don’t need to put in their locations manually.

Thank you!

The marketplace is down, so you need to install the components manually. If you use the refresh data option in adalo you can skip the timers and websockets stuff. This is not easy to get working if you are absolutly no-code.


Wow just from reading your reply, this looks incredible and quite promising! Thank you very much!! Going to have fun with this!!

@TKOTC Hi Steven, I understand now. Your components are available for manual download.

Hi Adalo,

I have searched for many queries to build a healthcare app for myself. Tho there are many content creators out there finding the right one is not an easy task. My advice is to read or participate in many forums related to your query, I am sure you will find one.
You can search for James Nocode help on youtube. I will update this thread if I find what you ask for.

Charles from SpotnRides, Good day.