I have a pdf in the collection how to send to users?

I have a document in my collection. I want to send the document (pdf) to a user when logged in as an admin?

You want to send within the app? Do you have a message / chat function in your app?
If so, you need a list or relationship that connects the file with your user.

As an email?
The link of that PDF persists in the cloud, so you have options.

  • Just send a link.
  • Have your email provider or 3rd party (make / zapier / xano etc…) get the file and attach it.
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  1. I do have a message or chat option: As an admin can upload the pdf file and it’s in the document collection but the user can’t see the file or download. it will be nice if it’s possible to do this?
  2. I have 3rd party (Make) but I have the access to API key as currently I am with the Professional billing so do I need to change to get access to API? or is there any other way ?

Why not have a relationship in the documents collection users_recieved

You can then add the ‘current user’ to that relationship.

Then for the logged in user, show a list of documents filtered to users_received = includes logged in user.

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