I m encountering problem of Untitled value in database

Please someone help me with this irritating issue! i tired to fix it a lot of time

You can create a new field such as an ID. Then drag that field to the top of all of your field collections. Don’t forget to assign that ID whenever creating the record (for example you can choose to Collection Name > Count so it would auto counting from 0,1,2,3…) Then it should show the ID instead of Untitled.

@Ojas Hi Ojas,
This show up if you don’t use the first default property Name of a new collection:

Adalo always uses the first field of the collection.
You can change the sequence of the properties by drag & drop:

And even delete the empty text field after the change:

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But i m using the first property!
ie Conversation Name

oh ?! had tried to do that but somehow missed the point…thanks again !

could you share the Members Collection image also ?
maybe something left empty in Members…

I somehow figured it out! :smile:

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