Adalo Database issues: Blank or Ghost records

Database has been showing up blank or just “ghost” like for weeks. Any idea when this will be fixed? Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Where there should be data, there is nothing and it is hard to work in the backend and debug without this.

Have been thinking about switching to Airtable because of this glaring disability. But I also see so many folks having issues with Airtable integration and am unsure of the cons. I like Adalo database but it hasn’t been working for weeks and that’s just a huge turn off.

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Just a quick thought. If a user double clicks the button, for example, it may produce a second, empty record. This could be tested by deliberately double clicking your buttons in testing to see if any empty records appear. Another example is a ‘create’ action that you might have forgotten about. Can you identify anywhere the app logic might actually be creating these ghost records? I have certainly had them before, but I think it was the app design rather than Adalo itself.

I checked today for almost over a hour ( i have a large app and the editor is extremely slow because of this) And i saw nothing out of the ordinary. Drop downs are blank, things that I know that have titles are called ‘untitled’. Either Im looking in the wrong places or this database is truly screwed.

Alright well I submitted a ticket…I hope something comes of that.

Just a note on this for anyone in the future.

These are not ghost records. What is recorded in the relationship will be the property that is the first in the collection. In both the users collection and the posts collection the first property is a true/false therefore this is what it is reading and noting it as untitled. If you moved the first property to be the users email or name it would then show this in the relationship section of the detailed user in the database

Could you expand on this?

I’m trying to make it so users have to enter some text into a text field in order to add it to the collection.

How can I do this?

This is not the same issue that you are mentioning. But it has since been resolved!
As for your issue, I suggest starting a new thread for some help from the community