I need help with screen not scrolling

This is how my app look on a iphone 11 now the continue button is not showing and for other phone like ipad and iphone and some android it is not showing at all how do i fix it?

Hi @picolpierre1,

Does the all components fixed to top? If it is change the ones to None that don’t need to Fix to Top and try.

Thank you

What do you mean?

I mean does that all components in that screen are fixed to Top?

Yes also there is only 5 component on the screen 3 text one rectangle and a form the form is not scrolling to the bottom

If you make the form fixed type as None can you scroll down?

What do you mean fixed type as none? I can scroll it just not all the way

Hello do you have a solution please @Flawless

under “Edit Styles” for each component. It says “Fixed type: None, Top, Bottom”

This is where he is talking about.

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I see where he taking bout so what should I put it as?

Idk, dilon mentioned some stuff above, I guess try none.

I was only helping you find the area he was talking about.


So you mean you can scroll the screen but can’t scroll down more after the form’s submit button? More information will be great to understand the problem.

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No you could scroll half of the screen but can’t scroll no-more to submit it it just stick there

If you add a invisible rectangle under the form can you scroll to submit?

Please let me get back to you tmr on this because the computer I have now will crash if I log in to that app on adalo because of storage problem

I did this ad it is still not scrolling


Is it possible to record a video about the setup and the preview?

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