Trouble scrolling

I got an app, in which the main page is longer one that requires scrolling.
It is made of lists that sit on top of each other. For some reason, the scrolling doesn’t work. All lists are inside lists of rectangles that are fixed to the top. However much I tried to play with it - I cannot make it work.

At some point I removed all items on the screen and just kept the bottom one which is a long text, and made it even longer so that by itself it requires scrolling. I also removed the fixation - which allowed me to scroll it. I then added one list after the next to the screen, and at some point it stopped allowing me to scroll. The problem is that without fixing the different elements, they all overlay on top of each other.

Here is a link (I hope it is the right way to share it!): ContemplateIt

If you have custom lists, it is possibly to embed a list inside of that custom list which is what could be causing this.

You would have to double click on that list, inside the custom list and place it outside of the custom list.

Hope that makes sense.

Also, for what it’s worth, if this app is close to a final stage, I noticed that you did not have any sort of email verification. I’d recommend at the very least using the email verification component to get the right format. I was able to input my email as asdf and it allowed me to enter.

Thx @Bobby.
The app is not close to final stage yet, but I’ll definitely follow your suggestion about the email verification.

Issue solved with the help of @dilon_perera, by removing all the fixed=top everywhere.

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Great and Your Welcome!

The Updated version.

Thank you

Yeah, that’ll do it as well :smiley: