I need nice daily quotes app sample

i need nice daily quotes app sample

Me too…

Hi @DaBoo ,

Take a look at my Komun template, it has header of random quotes.

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Thanks @Yongki. I was able to follow your logic and get my random question generator working. Really appreciate the bump in the right direction. I’ve been wracking my [admittedly small] brain on this for days now.

One thing I was wondering about, do you always have to send the data to a new screen or modal or is it possible to accomplish random quotes with text list and button on the same page?


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Should be possible, you can play with input field.

Addition to what Yongki’s great reply and the useful app!

Did some things with Quotes too!

With Adalo Collections :

( I believe same as Yongki did! )

With Custom Actions :

( In here Tip No 9! I have used Rapid API and Abracadalo API here! )