Showing a screen at startup only

So I have a screen that shows random quotes. That’s all built, using the randomizer to show a different quote and I’m using a countdown timer to close the screen after 5 secs. Here’s where I need help:

I want the screen to only show when the user opens the app.

You know when you open some apps they show a cool little info or welcome screen and it disappears but only shows when you open the app for the 1st time of the day, etc? That’s what I’m trying to achieve.


You should just be able to set that screen as the home screen. This would show whenever the user closes the app and then opens it again.

For showing it once per day regardless, you’d want an action on your home screen which goes to the quote screen if users Date does not equal current Date

On the quote screen, set the users Date to the current Date.

Don’t do the action if the users Date equals todays date.

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Hmm, seems like overkill (or not, haha, need to look at it. still new to adalo) but that helps for future things I might need to tie in with users.

Gave me an idea though. I like the idea of making it the homescreen, and then all internal buttons just go to the dashboard. So then that way, anytime the app is open fresh (from forced quit, 1st time, etc) the quote screen will always show 1st then to the dashboard, then all internal buttons never go to the quote screen. Hopefully that makes sense.

Let me try some stuff but thanks for sparking an idea towards it.

You got it! That’s how my first suggestion would work. I’ve been using an app that does this exactly (Zen Match mobile game).

The second suggestion is only if you want the quote to show every day the app was opened, even if it wasn’t closed.

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As Jason said you can make that screen as the Home screen and add the text ( It would be easier).

Here’s how I did it with the Randomizer Component.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

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