I wanna create sign up system like clubhouse

I wanna Invitation system like clubhouse. Specifically, I wanna create PIN CODE at random for invitation. And the PIN CODE can not be used when it is send to form.

Is this system possible to create with Adalo?

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What do you mean? Is it like a verification code?

Umm…Sorry, I can’t express it well…

For example, clubhouse’s invitation system is inviting smartPhone’s phone book of two users who registered phone number.But, I think that Adalo can’t connect smartPhone’s phone book.So, I need to think another invitation system.It is PIN CODE for invitation system.

So basically you are saying that you want a user to create a CODE then a new user can get into the app with the code? I’ll try to make a cloneable app tommorow.

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Yes!I think PIN CODE system you tell me too!!

Sorry for not expressing it well, but thank you for express it in other words well!

Please teach me how to create it if you’ll try to make a cloneable app tommorow.
I try to make it too!!

This is a prototype that I’m working on. If you try inputting an old code it won’t work because it only works with the latest code created. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow. By the way, this is a referral code to signup in to the app: 775297


Wow!! That’s good job!!! When you fix it, please tell me how to make it!!!

You can :

  • in the sign up form add an automatic field that generates a code (Round(RAND(1,11111)) of course you have to create a property in the users collection
  • add a custom action that will send this code by email or message when the user click
  • add a textfield so that the user can type his code and go to next screen only if the code entered is equal to the code generated for the user

add an automatic field that generates a code (Round(RAND(1,11111))

How to add it?Where is this field?

For that you would be using the randomizer component in the marketplace.

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Thank you!
You finished to fix it?

No, I’m thinking that the user clicks a button then you could send the mail with the referral code to your friend to signup.

OK.But,I think invitation code generated by randomizer need not to send by e-mail.A User generates the code and send to another user he or she wanna invite to with SNS he or she wanna use.

What do you mean? Could you provide an example?

Umm…Sorry for not expressing it well again.

For example, User touch the button generate invitation code and show the code in screen.
User copy and paste it and send to friends user wanna invite with LINE, Twitter, FaceBook and so on…

I think this is simple system.What do you think about it?

I’ll try to implement soon…

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I am watching the movie how to use randomizer and try to do now…

Yeah, I really don’t know how to do this in Adalo because once the code is created in the DB it’s hard to look up all the codes in the DB that are equal to the code that the user entered. Unless @Victor @bhanu know how to do this.

I’m thinking you could do this via Integromat or Parabola but it might start getting pricy depending on how many users you app has.

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Unless your looking to verify an email via a verification code.

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OK.Thank you so much.

I try to send mail thad add pin code to.
I watch the movie how to send email with sendgrid.

Where is request key? Sorry for having no relationship with first question, please tell me.