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This guide is very very incomplete. I don’t know where to go from here afterwards to actually have my adalo app initiate the sending of the text. If anyone can link me a full tutorial step by step.

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What part are you stuck on?

It seems the code came in 15 minutes later because the lowest interval is 15 minutes. Surely there must be a a way for the OTP to be sent immediately? I can’t imaging users waiting 15 minutes for an OTP code.

I think this is because you are on the lowest tier for integromat.

According to integromat, if you pay $29/month the interval is 1 minute:

Oh thank you. The other question I had was how to get the OTP code randomly generated. My welcome page lets the user input their number and then creates an account or logs them in. However I want to use an OTP code instead of a password. I have installed the randomizer plugin. But it seems the randomizer produces the number when the welcome page loads. And thus it cannot update the password/otp database entry field for unlogged in users.

I have a text input for user to input their phone number.
I have a signup button that shows if the number does not exist in database
I have a login button that shows if the number does exist in the database.

I am stuck on how to generate an random OTP for these two buttons and update the number’s password/otp field.

Instead, you can use the built in RAND function for when the user clicks on ‘sign up’.

  1. First, you would create an action that updates the Logged In User password field.

  1. Click on the magic text icon then > “New Formula”


  1. Then, click on the magic text icon > functions > RAND

  1. Then, you specify a number for the RAND function:


The password field cannot be used in a lot of things. How can I create a random number, but store that same number as both password and another field called verification code?

I still have a problem when the user wants to login using their phone number. The password field needs to be filled out on this action. But I need the OTP password to be generated and then ask the user for the OTP first.

I have a important question I have not been able to get an answer on the forums. It might also be a bug in adalo which you might need to look at too.

I created an SMS/OTP signup/login by giving all users the same password. Now all user have the same password but after the welcome screen it asks for OTP before going to the homescreen. I could not find another way to do this I hope it is not a security issue.

However if you close the app preview and reload the app preview without typing in an OTP. You are magically at the Homescreen!

Also is there a way to show error message on button clicks if the conditions are not met. Otherwise the user has no idea what he did incorrectly.

Yeah, this is because you need to check if the user has typed in an OTP by adding a true/false property to the user’s collection named “Verified?”. Then you would add an action to the home screen if they are NOT verified link them to the OTP verification screen.

But won’t they for a few seconds see information they shouldn’t see? Why can they even get to the home screen by closing and reopening the app. Seems like a critical bug that they can bypass the otp screen.

The real problem is I’m trying to send a code and have the code be their login password and otp. But this doesn’t seem possible because you need the user to login before you can store a code in the database.

Ok, then you can do the same thing but on a plain white screen.

If they are verified, send them to the home screen. If they are not verified, send them to the OTP screen

I think you might misunderstand. There seems to be a bug in the system that allows users the skip to the home page. I can’t make the home page a plain white screen. You can replicate this yourself. If you just choose the app preview and click preview again, you’ll always be on the home screen. Even when you shouldn’t be.

Make a new screen that’s just white and make it the “Home Screen”

Sure… But I thought the developers should be aware of this. Seems like a bug.

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