Is It Possible to Show Random Images in Image List?

I have an image list showing images from a respective database.
Is there a way to show images randomly, i.e. not sorted by date of posting / name / etc.?
Just purely random sequence of images each time the user opens the screen with this image list?
Thank you in advance.

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Yes you can do this with three main pieces:

  1. A hidden text input with a custom formula that uses the random function to generate a number between 1 and the maximum number of images in the collection.

  2. A collection of images that have a number property of some kind (ideally incrementing by 1 for each picture that is added).

  3. A list limited to show 1 record and filtered to show only the images whose image number matches the number that is in the hidden input.


Thank you very much, will try that.

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