Custom List showing all users no mater what I do

I have rebuilt this list and tried it with just a simple button and it does the same thing. When I check out the app in preview mode or share mode on my computer or on a cell it shows all users. shorten the list on the backend to only show on group of buttons and when I look at it on the frontend it show all users I only want to show one group of buttons. I am not even sure if I am explaining this right very new to Adalo. I have watch a ton of videos and read a lot but cant seem to get this fixed. Can’t text it until this is fixed.

Could you please simplify your problem statement? didnt understand what you just wrote!

Sorry I have no idea how to simplifly my problem. I made a custom list and when someone logs on and goes to where the list is they see all of the users not just one user like I want them to see.

Hey @JoeLo,

In general, if you would like to show only some elements in the list, you need to apply a filter. Here is the help article about it: Sorting and Filtering Lists - Adalo Resources

Let me make an example: let’s assume you have a Collection of Images, and you would like each user to be able to upload some photos from their phone and store them in the app.
For this you will need to:

  • create a collection of Images, add Image property to it, and add a relationship to Users collection. This relationship should be set up so that one User can have many Images, but each Image belongs to one User.
  • then you add some screen where a user can create new Image. For beginners, the easiest thing will be to do it with a Form component. However: in the “fields” section of form setup, don’t forget to add an automatic field to set the relationship to a Logged-in User.
  • and a final part: to display the list of images which belongs to logged-in user, you need to add a Custom list. Make it a list of Images. Then you will have 2 options in the “filter” section of the list: either you make it a list of Logged-In User → Images, or add a manual filter so that User → Email is equal to Logged-in User → Email. Both options will result in displaying only Images who have been created by a Logged-in User.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks for the reply. I guess I am not explaning what the problem is well enough. I built a page with a bunch of custom parts I grouped them the linked them to the pages/screens I need them to open. The I turned them into a list so they would work on the new pages and that all work the problem is when you go to the screen with all the grouped custom buttons it shows several list of the buttons. I shortened the list so it would only show what wanted but it keeps showing all users. I understand its most likely a filter or database issues I just dont know how to fix it.

Would you want to jump on and see if you can fix it? This is my 1st app I am building but plan to build 5 more very soon. There are all for business I already have running with websites that I have built or need to build. I feel I will be able to get these apps very close to working but I would love to find someone who would like to jump on and help me finish them up.

Hey, not totally sure I’m understanding this problem correctly, but I’ve experienced a similar problem with my lists. What I end up doing is create a custom list and in the first rectangle, I group all the components. Then I use visibility rules on that rectangle for the specific criteria I’m looking for. That way the list doesn’t populate EVERYTHING first.

Thanks for your reply. Its so hard to type out what its doing. I do not understand what you offered but thanks for trying.

Hi @JoeLo,

I’ve sent you a DM.
However: I don’t quite understand why did you decide to group your custom buttons into a list. What is the reason for that?

Also, a general advice: when it is difficult to explain the problem in writing, you can use services like to record a video with your explanations. This will help a lot for those forum members trying to help.


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I made it a list because it was the only way i could get the forms to update current database that I was trying to update when people filled in the form. I think I have it working now. I have to do some testing. Not sure if its right or not. I just linked the buttons to a interim page that has a countdown hidden and I made that a list and the countdown is linked to the page with the from. Now when someone fills out the form they are updating the database I need them to update.

I did stuck into the same problem with visibility rules when you group elements different ways.

My way out had been: ungroup all that there is on page. Than group what you want to apply the visibility rule to. Than apply the visibility rule to the GROUP, not the elements. If apply to the elements it may cause mess again.

Hope this may help.

JoeLo: The good way to explain the problem is to make the TEST APP of what does not work separately from the basic project. Than make this TEST APP clonable. And post the link to the clonable app in your post where you explain the problem.

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