I want to get HTTP data using Integromat and display it in Adalo

Hello everyone!

I want to get data from HTTP and display it in list format with Adalo.

I am sorry that the information will be in Japanese because it is Japanese.

■ Get data from HTTP through API
Website: https://spla2.yuu26.com/
API_URL: https://spla2.yuu26.com/regular/schedule

■ Get data using “HTTP” module in Integromat

■I want to display the data of the above image in Adalo as a list.

Data you want to display ↓
map_ex name
map_ex image
end end

There will be four.

■Please note that “map_ex name, image” has two data.

■How to put out the image you want to display in list format in Adalo

■I want to display each “Data_result_Collection” in list format!

I’m working with Adalo and Integromat for the first time, so could you tell me more about it?

I’m using Google Translate, so I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand.

I used Xano (Xano) not Integromat, but the principal works on both platforms. This video is a little long (16 minutes) because I go from start to finish on it. I made some mistakes at the end that I needed to fix. To make it work you need to make 2 external collections, 1 for the schedules, and 1 for the map data. I hope this makes your project move forward.

I also did not make it pretty.



Thank you!
You need to get schedules and map in two parts!

Somehow I got an image, but I don’t think it can be implemented with Integromat.
By all means, I can only get the data of Data_result_Collection1.

What should I do now?

Maybe someone with more experience in Integromat would be better to answer this question.

If I remember Integromat, you will need to make 2 scenarios. One for Schedule and one for Maps. Each would have a webhook and a webhook response that will transform the data like I showed in the video.

You need 1 scenario that will convert the data from yuu26 into an array of schedules with start date, end date, and schedule id. scenario 2 will take the yuu26 data and return an array of maps with map image, map name, map id, and schedule id like in the video.

I do not know Integromat well enough to be able to help further.

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