I want to send text to homepage

Please answer my question.
Now I wanna make a application like twitter but I have a problem that I can not send my text to homepage. So, please tell me how to contributio in Adalo. From Japanese user.

Hi @Sorvel,

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You mean click a button send that text? Is it possible to explain the question a bit with some screenshots or a video?

Thank you

Thanks for the reply.
Now, I want to send my text from Create screen to Home.
I would place the Title in the Title field and the main sentence in the main sentence field.
I can only write one line, but I want to be able to write multiple lines in main sentences in Create screen.

You need to create a record in the collection with the Title and main-sentence inputs. Did you added that on the send icon on the create screen app bar?

I believe this is the setting you’re looking for @Sorvel

Select your input and click on the “Edit Styles” button. Enabling “Multi-line” allows you to type more than 1 line in an input component.

Thank you every one. Thanks to all of you for your help in resolving this.