Basic Question Cant see why this is.... can anyone help

I am new to Adalo and must be making a basic mistake somewhere. ?

When I create a text box to display a message to the user the space only lets me insert a certain amount of text and then wont insert any more?

I have looked at edit styles and multiline is selected but the length of my message is restricted to maybe 250 characters

Can anyone tell me what I am not doing right or how to put it right

Many thanks guys

Hi @Nexus21214,

Never seen this. Are you trying to insert the text to the box at the screen directly, or at the text label setup on the left pane?

Best regards, Victor.

OK I created a text box and it appears in the yellow area on that screen (like a little css box) but when I add the text in Adalo creator I can only insert like one line of text even though I have multiline checked in edit styles

Go take a look in adalo at the yellow screen called LINK SENT CONFIRMATION remove the text that is there in the editor and then try inserting new text and you are limited and can even put back the full original text that was there ?

PS this is in the left admin section

Given the current situation that whole system is pretty unstable, I would prefer to wait a bit till the app builder is back to normal…

Thats sound advice thank you

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This text limit problem seems to have corrected itself now Victor

Thanks for your advice



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