I want to use a web app only for payment

I am creating a native application, but I would like to use the web application only for the payment function.

Is there any good way to do this?

If it is possible to have data in the external link, and if it is possible to understand the link for each page in the web app, we can jump to the external link with the data from the button in the native app and make payment directly.

Sort of.

So if you are in the public app stores, Apple or Google Play, they won’t allow you to link to the payment page on the web-app, it is against their terms. But the link is possible.

The way I allow native app users who paid on the web app is when stripe returns that the payment was successful, in the User Collection, I have a true/false field called “paidUser” that I mark true.

Then on any page or content I want to limit to paid users, I either change the visibility rule to show if “paidUser” = true or have the link redirect depending on the “paidUser” status. If everything is for paid users, like Netflix, then you can just if “paidUser” is false, bring them to a authorization failure page or something. Behind the scenes, you can send them an email with instructions on what to do to allow access.

So it’s prohibited by the store’s terms and conditions.
Thank you very much.

By the way, I heard a rumor that Spotify and Netfilx are charging payments through their web apps, what kind of backdoor tricks are they using?

And is there any way to get a link to the redirect?
For example, I don’t think you can get the link on the web app using the Share action.

You can charge through the web app, you just can’t send people from the mobile app to the web app directly to pay.

The url in the url bar is is the link to that screen, so you can use that to send people where you want. There is also a component available in the Adalo Marketplace that will make a prettier url if you need it to be pretty.

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Use Stripe component.

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Thank you.

I understand now.

This is an app where many products are released, so it seems difficult to manually get the url every time a product is released.

I will forgo this feature for now.

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