Does anyone have experience parsing logged in user data from app to webapp?

As the title says, I’m trying to figure out how to parse the logged in user data (from the current session) from the mobile app to a Adalo webapp (sharing the same database), I’m assuming something should be possible using an api call, but I’m not too sure…
Should Zapier or Webhooks work? Anyone have any experience using these?

This is to allow payments to happen - I know there’s the whole discussion around whether pushing the handling of payments in a webapp will work…there are a number of good examples in the market that say it can work, and if there’s a way around my customers (or me) not having to pay Apple at least 15% of our revenue then it’s something worth exploring.

I just shared the same db, and then when a user paid with stripe, after the app received the response from stripe, I mark a true/false field called “paidUser” in the user collection.

They pay on the web app, and then when they use the native mobile app, anything I don’t want them to see if they haven’t paid, I set the visibility rule to “sometimes show”. “show if user paidUser is True”.

No need for zapier or anything. Of course in the mobile app, you can make no mentions of payments until Adalo finishes the in-app payments. I just use an email campaign to sell the benefits of paying.

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Sounds great, and very interesting.
I’ll have a look to see how we can adapt our approach to something similar…