I will pay for a cloudinary plug in $$$

Is their a way I can pay an adalo developer to create a plugin that can allows me to host my images on cloudinary or another image hosting platform. I want to be able to display my users images that they make in group chat through just a url. tell me if this is possible and how much would it cost to make this plugin?

Hey @ufc500 no need for a plug in to do this, all you need is a custom action that uses cloudinary’s api

sorry but I’m not much of a coder plus the competitive dating app that I’m creating takes so much of my time that I’d rather just pay someone to make a plug custom action as you have said. I’ll take a tutorial also

www.adalify.com file uploader is an option if you want to store on Amazon S3.

Otherwise, you can make a custom action to send the image to Cloudinary as @Benalihoussam suggests. You could pay an Adalo Expert to set this up if you are short on time.

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thank you and I like that option but i don’t know if im ready to make the $10 per month leap. I may use it when I really need it though so thank you. Honestly I’m one of those guys who likes to buy it and forget it instead of forget it and keep paying for it if I forget to implement it

Makes sense. For cloudinary storage, I’d consult an expert to set up a custom action for you, it should be a relatively easy job.

Is this useful for video content management? If so, do you offer this as a service?