Setting up Firebase external cloud storage to store my videos

Hey all! I’m really having trouble with this one. I don’t have much coding knowledge but I’ve built out a pretty nice app for my family business in Adalo. However, I’ll need to store a lot of videos with this app and I want to make use of Firebase to store these videos in an external collection. I don’t really know how to do this or even where I should start. I’ve been trying to look through the Firebase cloud storage documentation but I’m getting confused and could really use some help. Has anyone had experience storing images or videos in Firebase for their app and then pulling them into a list to display to the user?

Hi Kevin, I didn’t do with firebase but I made a video on how to do with Amazon S3. The principles are going to be very similar–you need to have access policy, CORS settings etc. Have a look and hopefully this might help you -


Thanks so much for linking to this video! After watching it through I’m still struggling a bit. I thought the whole point of building in Adalo was that I wouldn’t have to use code. To use an external collection is the only option to figure out how to set up the code in Firebase or AWS and then connect to an API (which I also don’t have experience with)? I’m really only doing this because Adalo is charging $10/GB of storage which is very high compared to cloud storage services. Thanks again for any advice on this topic.

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Hey ,
this is really great . Thanks.
Can YOu do it for firebase. I am already using this it working fine, wanted to try for for another project.