Cloudinary Error (Make Loading Speed Faster)

I’m trying to upload user images to Cloudinary to make my app faster.

However, URLs of images in Adalo database can’t work as the parameter.

Please tell me how to solve this problem.🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

Could it be that the loading speed is not so different now with or without Cloudinary?

Hi @hotdesk,

This issue is quite strange. I have managed to reproduce it on my side with fresh Cloudinary account. As for me, this looks like a restriction from Adalo’s side: (a) same request works fine from Postman, and (b) using another image URL in the Custom Action’s query parameter also works fine.
I don’t have any official info on that as of now.

As for possible workarounds:

  • if you would like to improve the image loading performance, you can still use Adalo’s image delivery CDN which is ImgIX (for most of the images). Please see the post here: How to manipulate images in Adalo with ImgIX

  • if you’d like to upload images to Cloudinary, you can do it using 3rd party tools like Integromat. The scenario could look like this:

  • In the 1st webhook you get the URL of the image to be uploaded (pass it from custom action in Adalo).

  • In Cloudinary module you upload the image

  • And the 3rd module is webhook response, which returns the Cloudinary’s Image URL to your custom action in Adalo.
    This is just an example, in reality the scenario could be different.

Hope this was helpful.

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you for your reply!

I noticed that Adalo is automatically optimizing the image size through Imgix. So I have decided not to use cloudinary.

Also, when I was using Integromat, I always specified Adalo as Trigger, and I was having trouble using Instant Trigger. However, I realized that I can use Instant Trigger by using Webhook.

Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge!

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I have followed this solution, and have most if this working. However, when the webhook returns the new URL it does not return it as a response I can use as a magic text. Please see below

Any ideas?

Hi @Wizz001,

It seems you’ve set up the JSON format incorrectly. Square brackets is an array, but you don’t really have an array in the response.

This is what worked for me:

Step 6 in integromat on the picture above is Cloudinary call.

Best regards, Victor.

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