I would like to find someone make the map more feature and build in printing

Hello community,

I try the map component from Pragmaflow, He’s absolutely amazing.

But for my real purpose Adalo map and Pragmaflow is not get some feature that’s miss from Google map

I’m looking someone to build component which it’s follow this feature

1.Location input by drop the pin in the map( I read some thread it’s possible but I’m really no code user)Also I need real navigator built inside

2.Component that can print directly from adalo with some template. I know you guys will recommend to use api for this case but I’m made this app for my business so I need to reduce cost as much as I can. There still someone in my office who need to re check the information and manually printing out the invoice.(I’m not sure it possible or not for this after I try to search in forum)

Thank a lot to Adalo team , you really made small company can have the same opportunity to fight with the big company , if some one in Adalo team coming travel Bangkok I will take care you guys.

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Hey @Zer151 its probably going to cost more or the same to get the printing feature developed then just using the PDFgeneraterAPI component. But i hope someone gives you a decent quote!

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Thank for your reply, Mainly 95% it’s gonna on the webapp , which it’s like 3 template at least following this
1.Job detail for worker ( I know it’s record on collection but the physical paper still need )



Which way I can contact you

Thank a lot brother❤️

Hi @Zer151

I will be happy to help on the print part, especially if it’s on the web app, I already did it
send me a message on my profile here by clicking on my name,


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Thank for reply