I would like to know how I can buy multiple values

How do I make Adalo see 3 values and compare them and print the highest between them

Can you please explain the usecase so we can help you

When the customer chooses 3 flavors
for example:
mozarella pizza $23
pepperoni pizza $30
bacon pizza $40

A pizza will have 3 flavors, but in the end the value of the higher one will be charged, in the case of $40

My take would be to have max price property and update it with conditional if max price is less than pizza price.

excuse! more how do i do it?

Since you don’t describe your database, so I will assume that at least you have 2 collections, 1st is the products that have pizza price and 2nd is transactions that hold the price of pizza, in this collection you use price of pizza as max price.

Then it will begin from 0, which is first time record is created then you can put conditional for update as mentioned previously.

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I’ll try to do! thank you friend

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thank you

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