Linking Multiple Vendors to one app

I’m looking to create a restaurant app, but for multiple restaurants. This would include all their individual products, prices with an add to cart, and payment option. This app would compliment my current MVP/ proof of concept app, and I would like to link them both in the future.

Is this too lofty of a goal?!

Forever grateful to whomever can guide me towards multiple businesses posting their goods on one app!

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You need to imagine how many levels you need.

As a guidance to discuss, take a look at this

For restaurant’s terms,
lower could be your food & beverage order items, middle is your bills to customers, higher is your restaurant’s branch, highest is your restaurant’s business.

You can add more layers as you like, but complexity will follow.

Design the entity relationship diagram first, then create collections with its relationship property, then you can begin adding screens and logics.

This is a great place to start, thank you!
Regarding users, on an adalo platform, how many vendors (Ie, restaurants) can the application realistically host? So long as the components and logic work together well should I expect a limit?

Thank you!

Hey there,

We would LOVE to help you with this MPV! We are a nocode/lowcode agency that specializes in Adalo. We have done several restaurant apps, so I am positive we would be able to knock this one out of the park.

Feel free to email me your scope, and we will see what we can do for you:

Hey, Cool!

My biggest question at the moment is this:
Can a customer add items to their cart, from multiple vendors, and pay at once. Is there an AI integration out there that can trigger payments to stripe accounts based on some sort of IF function?

Hey there,

I can def find out! Do you have any information on the actual app that can help our experts? I know you already emailed me so feel free to email me the additional information there :slight_smile:

Alexis Tirado

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