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I am working on an app for a pizza restaurant. They have several locations.

Using the ordering template it gets me a huge chunk of the way. I am having an issue that as I’m diving into it I’m starting think it’s not possible with the logic of adalo but I’m super new so I’m hoping it can be done.

They have a ton of variables on their products

So for example you might grab a pepperoni pizza

Then you would need to select Size: Small $11 Medium $17 Large $21

Then you can add toppings which have 3 variables per topping as well So like “add olives” left half $1 Right Half $1 Whole Pizza $2

I’ve tried to create a new database for size and one for toppings and I can get all the pricing working that way but it won’t add to the cart. Any ideas>?

Oh how I detest pizza ordering sites! :joy:

What you need is possible, it is just a matter of setting the collections up correctly.

I would say you need to have the following collections…

Order Items
Order Items Addons (this is a link table between your order items and your addons)
Addons 1
Addons 2
Addons 3 (you can add more depending on how many DIFFERENT TYPES of addons you need.

Everything else is just linking everything up and adding logic but unfortunately it is too long to write here.

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Thank you! I think I’m starting to really get how Adalo wants you to link up databases. I have successfully added the size variation with new prices. I also have a good start on the admin app that will recieve notifications and show pizza orders.

Once I started getting the hang of it everything seems pretty straightforward although you have to put a lot of thought into how to structure out the database. Adalo is pretty dope so far! :slight_smile:

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