IAP hub subscription help

Apple have rejected an app submission based on “length of subscription” not being in the binary.

The IAPHub element seems be configured properly which displays all the subscription information when used. Wondering if anyone has any idea what needs to be completed. Screenshot of Apple response attached.

Hey, I had this issue. Can you send a screenshot of your App subscription page where the user can purchase? Or the Paywall?

This issue is usually explaining exactly what the user gets exactly, what’s the interval I.E Day, Month, Year …

In my case I just simply explained it a lot better and got approved with iApsHub.

Hey, thanks for your reply. So I did 2 things;

1, On the IAPHub subscription page on my app I added a short line of text saying what the user was paying for (would be handy if we were able to fill this info directly in an IAP section on the editor to keep the appearance consistent).

2, I renamed one of the subcription detail boxes on App Store Connect.

I’m not sure which of the changes was the correct thing to change (or maybe both) but the app finally got approved.

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