Unformating when using visability Rules


Does anyone know a trick to this, you can see in the photos that the icon should be on the left and the words which are all using visibility to show just one at a time. In theory it should be showing just one at the top of the list in line with the icon.

However, it turns into this…

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 11.40.25 am

The icon is in a completely random spot and the words to not go to the correct spot.

Does anyone know why? or how i can work around this?

Hi Archer,

Did you add a rectangle behind this group as a container?

Check this post by Flawless! : Visibility rules - Can't get icons to align - #2 by Flawless

Thank you

Interesting, ill try it and get back to you.

Yeah that worked, thanks

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