Icons not centered

I keep coming across this issue of icons not being centered. I have tried re-adding icons but it does not fix the alignment issue. Anyone know how to fix this?

To start with make little squares using the rectangle component. Make sure these squares are aligned how you want them.

Then add the icons on top of these squares, with the guidelines snapping the icon to the middle of the each square.

While designing its useful to make these squares grey so you can see what you are doing, and then make them transparent or white later on.

Sadly that has not fixed the isse and I think you may have misunderstood my question.
The icons them selves are not aligned, whether placed on top of a square or not.

Ok I see what you mean. My icons are working fine which is strange. If you make new icons is it still the same problem?

So basically adalo makes buttons jump, so here what to do! Just add invisible icons in both sides of the bicycle guy, and see if that works!

Yes, any icon I add on any screen is misaligned. This issue started happening about a week ago on my app and nothing seems to be fixing it.

Sadly the invisible icons doesn’t seem to help.

Okay, so the icon goes down, does it have an a action into the icon?

No the icon has no action. It also happens with any icon on any screen, plus I have no actions attached to any icon in my app.

Okay if tried adding new Icons did it work?

These are all screenshots from different screens within the app. Even the bottom navigation bar seems misaligned. Replacing the icons does not help.