3rd party Idp, MFA, Verification, embedded frameworks

I all, I’m new here to Adalo and I’ve done some research and it seems like some of my questions are on the roadmap, and some also are not.

  1. I was going to build my app via Okta as my Idp but it looks like Adalo handles all of this internally. Is there anyway to use a 3rd party authentication service? If not, I didn’t see it on the road map

  2. I have not seen anything related to MFA. Something as simple as sms/email is not even available unless I passed over that. I also did not see this on the roadmap. I’m trying to understand if Adalo is too premature or not for my use case.

  3. When signing up a user, it’s typical you have a re-enter password field. I couldn’t find a way to have another field for re-entering the password. Am I missing something?

  4. I have not seen anything about being able to verify a user via sms or email. When a user signs up they either get a text or an email to verify and complete set up. I thought about doing this by adding an additional field to the users table, but I have not found anyway post login to check if the user is verified before actually going to the landing page.

  5. There are 2 platforms I was hoping to use within Adalo: Okta & Stream.io . Both of these have prebuilt widgets and sdk’s for react. I saw you can develop your own components, is this something that is possible for a private component? Embedding other libraries within the component? It would make life so much easier, otherwise I think I’d have to build my own wrapper API’s with AWS Lambda to invoke the external services.

I and new, but reacting to your second point, take a look here: Custom Actions is Now in Beta!

This looks fantastic I’ll have to take a look at it. I read through the list of use cases and some of the functionality that’s there, but still have one question. Can it be used to block a login if an email is not verified?

Ex. Create a custom action in the sign up flow to send a verification email, when the email is verified, there is an attribute in the user database that marks them as verified

On login, have another custom action to check if user is verified, and if they are not block the login attempt.

I guess this could be done a few ways, allow the login, but the custom action checks the verified attribute, and if false, force logout and redirect back to the login back with some kind of error

Maybe give each user a boolean column names verified? Have a link in your mail to a page, in case they login in that page they are verified? Something like that I guess

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