Image and passwords with Airtable

As the pricing for Adalo’s database is still unclear or too high, I checked about using external database.
I read that Airtable is the easiest to use. It is slightly more complexe than Adalo for sur but I’m making my way around for now.
However, I’m blocked with two points.

First one being : how can I add an image into Airtable from a form? I added a form inside airtable, but when matching my database on airtable, I can’t fins any relevant information.

Secondly, about user account. Do you think it is safe to have user data on airtable? Specially passwords. For now I feel like it is safer to keep password on adalo system as I don’t know if they will be encrypted on Airtable in case there is a hack or something. Do you have any thought about that?


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