If I build a Custom Horizonal List Compnent, would you use it?

If I build and release a FREE Custom Horizonal List Compnent, would it be valuable?

If so, reply with what/how you’d use it.

Thinking it will be simlilar to reg custom lists but with a directional change for scrolling…


Would be major. Would add things like progress bars to it, timers and etc…

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Yes! This would be very useful!

Welcome to the Community btw :slight_smile:

Yes, I would definitely try it out. Not sure if I would actually use it, simply because from my experience, there are many issues with using custom lists on Android.

They perform way worse than on iOS. Actually, on iOS I barely have any issues with custom lists.
Its just Android native builds that do not handle custom lists very well (Not all android phones, but most of them have this issue).

I have tried all suggestions on other posts in the forum to enhance the performance of custom lists. But the general notion is, to try and avoid using them and instead use standard lists as much as possible (Horizontal Card List, Card List, List, etc).

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Yes :+1: