Performance question for big application

Hello, I have developed a big application (with 500+screens & 300+database collection) and almost 100k records, and I was wondering what the performance on android phone would look like. Can any one help me?

I believe it all depends on how you built it, how complex are the screens and how many actions per button , … etc

Why wondering? build the app and test it to see how it goes

I have an app with around 140 screens , 50+ collections and some of them with 10s of thousands of records and the app is performing well

Okay I will! But I’ve got a a custom list in every screen(it’s comment with profile picture and toggle to like the comment) should I change it before publishing? Because I’ve seen on the forum a custom list affects android performance a lot. And considering I’ve got more than 50+pictures in a single screen + the custom list , I’m a bit worried about the performance. Thank you!

you have to try it internally before publishing to app store

custom list is okay on android if it is done properly, 50+ picture is also fine if you are using “Lazy loading”

in general yes there is a performance considerations specially on old android phones, that’s why you need to test it on different phones before publishing

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