I'm looking to build a form with check boxes and fill in the blank

Hello. I’m new to the platform. But after watching a ton of videos and reading PDFs, I have yet to figure out how to make a form without having to use VisualDev Native Forms.

I need to build a form that has fill in the blanks for name, number, email, then a multiple check box for selections then submit. I see that I can set input components and true/false for the checkboxes. But from what I’m understanding, they’ll go to several different databases instead of a singular form. Is this possible? Or am I crazy?


I think you’re crazy.

This is possible. Can you give an example of the data structure?

Hi @digitalsignspinner ,
It is possible, the challenge here is that you will have to use separated components like input text fields, the dropdowns have to have values from the collections in order to have values in the dropdowns.

By using Toggle/checkboxes in the same screen, you will face a challenge, because checkboxes, immediately change a value, such as create record, update record, add data to input value (Up to a limit), so if a record still does not exist, you have 2 options:

  • Create record when user enters screen, then use the components to update current record (but if user leaves screen without pressing submission button, you will need to setup screen in a way that deletes unfinished forms).

  • Other option is when pressing checkboxes, you fill in a input text field with that value (you will have to hide these), but it will add as much as input text fields as you have checkboxes.

So all is possible, just need to workarounds.