Invisible form items

Can you reference fields that have a property of visible set to false? When I set the fields to invisible the action from the button to update or create a record inserts no values into those fields.

If by fields you mean input boxes, I believe you can but someone else should verify that.

If that’s not working, try putting the inputs on a different screen. That usually works but I’ve found that it doesn’t work if the inputs are part of a list. I usually keep a separate screen for all my inputs because the ‘page’ can get awfully cluttered awfully fast.

One other workaround is to hide the input behind some design element.

Just a question besides for the great post by Grover!

Are you saying that you have a custom form and you have set visibility conditions to the inputs in your custom form but no visibility conditions to the create button and then the user can click the button no matter if the user entered something on the inputs or not the record creates and you need to stop creating empty records ?

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Inputs that are hidden with visibility settings do not store values. The best way to have hidden inputs is to place them on a separate screen so that the user cannot click or tab into them.

You can still change values and access values of inputs that are located on separate screens through Other Components > All Screens > Screen Name > Input Name.

So if you have a user that lands on your custom form page, you can have an action that fills those inputs that are on a different screen, then use those values from those inputs on the form submit button.

@dilon_perera My mother thought so too! :smile:

@Flawless: Thanx for clarifying that.

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Hi @UncleFloyd ,

Use 2 input fields, just before the visibility is set, change input value to another input field, this another input can be hidden by visual.

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