Unable to Fill Data for True/False field and Set Visibility When Empty

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I created a custom form to collect data (not the main Form component) as I want more layout customization. But I cannot collect the data for the True/False field easily.

No form field available to supply it, while as you can see in legend 2 if it is different field type, there are some field entry form exists.

You can also see in legend 3 and 4; there is checkbox CTA and toggle component available (which in the first place I think will be available to supply for field True/False).

Is this a limitation? What is the other workaround except for using the default Form component?

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 06.40.30

There is no option to choose the “Empty” state - as shown in legend 5 of the second image below.

What I want to achieve is, to find a workaround for 1st problem by SAVING the data first. Then update the “TRUE/FALSE” using the checkbox or toggle component.

That’s why I want this checkbox and toggle component CTA to be hidden when the true/false field value is still empty.

Is this a limitation right now?

Hi @donniesilalahi,

As for your first question. Toggle & switch components work in a way, that they change the value of the True/False property in the collection immediately. So you can’t use them without an already created record in the collection. (just a side note - if the record is changes by some other way, toggle state is updated immediately, but switch can’t do it).

So there are some ways you could use toggles in custom form:

  • create a record on the previous screen, and then update the values of the record on this form submission screen. Then you can attach toggles directly to the record. Downside here is that you have to delete the record if user goes back (that’s easy) or if user decided to close the app (that’s more cumbersome).
  • create a temporary/auxillary properties in Users collection (say, TMPSchedule and TMPpublish). Update them to False before entering the form screen. Attach toggles to these temp properties.Then, attach an action to Form Submit button, so that it creates a new record in the forms collection. And copy the values from these LoggedInUser->TMPSchedule and LoggedInUser->TMPpublish to the appropriate records in the Forms collection.
    Upside - you don’t get problems when user leaves the screen. Downside - your Users collection have additional properties, which might cause confusion to someone who don’t know the app.
  • Create a toggle imitation by using this trick: Small hints: Toggle Imitation
    Downside - you can’t create switch imitation.

As for your second question - I don’t quite get the idea, what would you like to achieve (from user’s perspective)?

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