I'm stuck with a loyalty card problem


I’m trying to create a loyalty card app for a group of different coffee shops.

A user would scan a QR code and it would create a stamp record to for that venue unique to the user.

An example scheme for one of the coffee shops would be:

3 stamps = 50% off coffee
6 stamps = free coffee

How can I get my app to create the corresponding reward when a user collects 3 and 6 rewards. And then reset back to 0 when 6 have been collected (whilst still keeping a record of previous stamps collected) A user should also be able to build up rewards ie 4 x free coffees.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Stampy,

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I’m pretty sure you can do something like this:

You can have a rectangle with text and a button with a visibility condition of…

Create a number property in your users collection named Stamps

If Logged in user > stamps > is equal to > 3 stamps 

Basically, when/if the user has 3 stamps, the rectangle would show with the option to click on the button to redeem their coffee. You can do the same for 6 stamps too.

Also, if this doesn’t work, tell me what’s wrong and I can try to help you. (I’ve never tested this myself, this is just based on my knowledge)

I hope this helps!

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Hi @stampy ,

I just supplement what @James_App_Maker said,

It looks like this,

The cloneable app is here,

There is a collection called App Setting, here you can change the reset counter.


Basic question here but can you explain idea behind a rectangle, button and text? Why not just a button?

I mean something like this, it’s better for UX.

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