I need a loyalty/Reward component

Hi All,

I’m new to the Adalo platform and i need a Loyalty/reward feature for an app I’m developing. i was hoping there would be a component to use on Market place but i cant find one.

It would need:

End user would scan a QR code on purchase and will stamp the virtual loyalty card within the app.

On completion of the virtual loyalty card, they would scan a QR code at the till to collect their loyalty reward and reset the loyalty card.

Could anyone help me with this?

Kind Regards

Hi @Devlaaa,
This is possible without a component (I have developed this for a customer), but this has quite a level of complexity especially if you are new.

How in a hurry are you? I might develop this soon. Thank you.


Hello @JL_LJ I would love to collab if possible. Let me know, and thanks.

Great Guys, are you both able to DM your details so we can discuss costs etc

Hi both (@Devlaaa, @spragginsdesigns),
Not sure if I have a lot of time to collab, but let’s discuss first what you need exactly, as @Devlaaa, we can DM contacts.

Morning All,

how do i DM you guys individually?

Kind Regards

Click on the name, you should see:

its not giving me the option

Ok, I will message you then.

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