Rewards app anyone?

so I am in the process of building a rewards app,

so far so amazing using Adalo!

I see others also having a good time building rewards apps,

mine will be for brick and mortar stores

I have one major problem.

In the world of businesses using major brand POS systems,

How can I have customers go into store and actually redeem rewards earned?

id love to have the businesses be able to use this seamlessly,
be able to scan dynamic QR codes, but to what?

Surely integrating this into a major POS system will be difficult if not impossible.

What do you think would be the best way for the business to be able to track and honor these rewards?

I’m a big fan of Adalo but it may be easier in this instance to use an existing third party app.

I work in the retail space and have used various POS systems of the years, there are loads out there that will scan an app QR / Barcode direct from the POS terminal and sync with the till system back office.

They’re increasingly adding integrations with loyalty apps and you normally pay a monthly fee or percentage of sales / redemption. Might even work out cheaper for you

Many of the existing apps also offer custom branding so it looks like your own app.