Image from external collection - link to selection missing

Hello Adalo-Team,

this is my part 2 of the 2 issues I have displaying images from an external collection.

As you can see in my screenshot, I try to show any picture

I am trying to insert any image from my external collection via URL, but unfortunately when I go to the external collection, I am not offered the item UserProfilePic. Whereas this works in a list (as described in my first post).

The image is stored as an image in the ext. coll. …

Maybe I could also use a workaround by adding a code to images that are stored in your database, which I can then link to users in my external collection. But since you can’t create relations between internal and external collections (maybe I’m missing something?) it’s hard to link external users to images in your database with code, isn’t it?

Thank you kindly for helping an Adalo Newbie out! <3